What Are Page Sections?

I call them stripy pages. One of the most popular web design layouts is to have alternate sections or stripes that span the full browser width. These stripes often have big background images or contrasting background colors for the alternating sections or stripes.

Can you use image backgrounds?

Yes! This type of design often has at least one section with a background image. They sometimes have a button too…


Can you add text and Font Awesome icons?

Yes! And you can build grid layouts too. But for complicated grid layouts use Beaver builder Free.

This is a headline with icon

I added this icon using Font Awesome. Font Awesome is already activated in Generate press. You get the icon code from the Font Awesome website.

This spans 33 or 50%

I built this grid using the Lightweight Grid Columns plugin, but for complicated grid layouts I’d recommend the Beaver Builder Light free plugin.

On mobiles this spans 100%

On tablets and mobile devices this container will span the whole container width. That means the two boxes above can span half the container width, giving them more space to breathe.