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Using Page Sections

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What Are Page Sections? I call them stripy pages. One of the most popular web design layouts is to have alternate sections or stripes that span the full browser width. These stripes often have big background images or contrasting background colors for the alternating sections or stripes. Can you use image backgrounds? Yes! This type of … Read more

About this demo site

Colorful featured image in Generate Press

I built this demo site so you could get a good idea of what the premium version of Generate Press theme looks like. You could start out by using the free version of Generate Press. And then as your business and your WordPress skills grow you could upgrade to the premium version of  Generate Press. … Read more

A quick aside

Just thought I’d mention how delighted I am with the Generate Press free theme. It’s Great!
PS. This is an aside post format.

This is a sample blog post

Featured image for Generate Press demo post

This is a typical blog post. I hope it gives you a good idea of what the free version of Generate Press looks like. On this demo site I’ve only used free plugins, so if you wanted to, you could set up your own site like this for free. This is a h2 heading This is … Read more