Are you a graphic designer?

If you are now is a great time to branch out into web design.

Photos With Icons

I made these images in Photoshop. The icons are built into the image. You can add the icons using code, but it would take quite a bit of skill. This way is much quicker and easier.

Tomato Box with icon
Supermarket basket with icon
Peach Box with icon
Fruit Basket with icon
Cherry Pie
Blueberry Drink with icon


Many modern themes empower graphic designers to put design back into web design. Coders are great allies but rarely great designers.

Tools I rely on

I build off the peg and custom websites. For off the peg sites I use StudioPress themes, for custom websites I use GeneratePress. If I need more power than GeneratePress can offer out of the box, I use BeaverBuilder or Elementor. I’ve found all of these tools to be excellent quality and to provide good quality solutions.

GeneratePress Logo
BeaverBuilder Logo
Elementor Logo