In house service: content writing and copy editing...

Has your department head or line manager tasked you with creating content for the main website or your subdivision’s pages?

The solution is much easier than you might think.

Just contact me and arrange to meet in person or by Skype, and I’ll organise everything for you.

What happens after we meet?

You and I will work as a team. You will help me discover which specific employees we need to speak with in order to gain the information needed to write the content for a particular system, process or department.

After that I’ll speak directly with that employee on the phone or using Skype.

Don’t panic

I’ve helped many departments get their website content ready to go online. It’s always much easier than they expected.

What happens next?

Just email me your contact details and also forward me the email your department head or line manager sent you when they tasked you with creating the content. Then I’ll get the ball rolling


I usually find that any necessary photos, graphics or diagrams are already available from head office. Any additional photos can often be taken with a smartphone. We also have a professional photographer who can visit your premises if necessary.

I look forward to hearing from you soon!

The next step is easy, just fill in the form providing the information I need and I’ll start the ball rolling. And don’t worry, I’ve done this many, many times before. It really is much easier than most people think.

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