GenerateBlocks, the new page editor.

GenerateBlocks is a simple, lightweight page layout plugin.

You can focus on your message, not on fancy bells and whistles.

Good web design is not fancy. Good web design gets your message across clearly and quickly.

Only four blocks to learn!

Using these four simple blocks you can build almost any page layout.


Divide your page into sections using the container block.


Divide a page section into columns with the grid block.


The headline block lets you manipulate headline and paragraph text.


Make eye catching buttons for your calls to action.

Headlines etc.

The headline block is not just for headlines. The headline block has h1 to h6 settings. But it also has a paragraph setting. So whatever style you need to apply to your headings or paragraphs, you can.

Want to use a Google font? You can. Want to change the font size, line height or letter spacing for a specific block of text, you can. You can even add icons to your headlines or to your layout if you wish.